Sunday, November 28, 2010

My very own Madeleine Mini Bloomers!

While finishing my quilt, I looked up some sewing information and stumbled across this pattern for a little pair of ruffly shorts called Madeleine Mini Bloomers.  The pattern was free online (just print it out and tape it together!) and looked simple enough.  Plus I thought they were so adorable that I just had to make a pair!        
When I was in florida in May, Ma Bea gave me this fantastic fabric she found for $1/yard and I absolutely adore it.  Notice the tiny hearts in between the stripes?

The shorts take less than a yard and less than an hour to make.  The waistband is two rows of elastic.  The original pattern called for 1/4 in, but I only had 1/2 inch.  I think with the smaller elastic it might have been more ruffly and delicate, but the 1/2 inch makes them super comfortable and snug, while still having a nice feminine ruffle and shape.
Another aspect of the pattern that I tweaked is the legs.  The pattern uses ribbon to cinch the legs (the ribbon goes through a casing and out of two buttonholes), but I didn't want to have to mess with ribbons and ties, so I simply used more of my elastic.  Using elastic makes bows completely optional and I have been playing around with where I want them positioned.  What do you think?  Waist only?  Legs only?  All or none?

I love them to bits, though part of me feels like I need to just stick them in my hope chest (wink) and make myself a pair of slightly longer shorts out of some bright cupcake fabric to wear around my house for now.  hehe :)  If you are interested in making a pair of your own (which I highly recommend!), you can check out the pattern here Free pattern - Madeleine Mini Bloomers

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