Thursday, January 22, 2015

"Do you wanna build a snow man?" Anna and Elsa costumes

My latest endeavor has been creating Disney costumes!   One of my lifelong dreams is to be a princess so when a friend asked me to be Anna at her daughter's 3rd birthday party I was ecstatic.   The best part? I volunteered to make them!   Being a princess and sewing my own costume?!   Just call me Giselle!  (Enchanted is still one of my top favorite movies!).  The beautiful Elsa for this occasion had been wanting to learn how to sew from a pattern so this was a great experience to set up two machines and work on two dresses at the same time.  She did a lovely job on the bodice and skirt of Elsa! 

For this occasion I opted for a simple McCalls Halloween costume pattern.  It got the job done and was very simple and easy to follow.  Since making these dresses, I have learned the wonders of corset making (that post is coming next!) and am amazed by how much better of a fit you can get when using a corset and a skirt versus a one piece dress.  But for an audience of 3 year olds, these gowns were magical enough and I must say I was very happy with the final product.  

Let me just tell you, if your ego ever needs a boost, just show up to a bounce house in a Frozen costume.   It doesn't matter if you can sing or have any real talent, the costume itself is enough to make you into a celebrity!
Honestly, could the birthday girl be any sweeter?
Look in the background and you can see the precious birthday girl sneaking cake!
Quick note on the Anna wig:  I cut 10 inches off my hair the week before the party so I just ordered the first Anna wig I found with Amazon prime shipping.  It turned out to be incredible!  

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