Thursday, September 16, 2010

Sigh of relief

*Sigh* My Futra is back!  It was just such a relief that it could be fixed so easily (and with no cost thanks to the warranty!).  Derek and I drove to Louisville on tuesday morning and dropped it off.  We decided to go look at their version of Peddlers Mall and laugh at all the crazy shirts with dragons and unicorns on them.  I should have taken pictures because they were so funny.  Anyway, as soon as we sat down to lunch they called to tell us she was all fixed and we could come pick her up. 

I have a MAJOR exam next Wednesday and I am trying to keep reminding myself to study and not work on projects - but we will see how much self-control I have ;-).  Anyway, hopefully after wednesday I'll have some more fun pictures of projects.

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